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Annie Barnett Designer-Maker

Working with mixed metals has been a passion of mine for more years now than I would care to admit. Since I was a little girl, I have loved the qualities and colours of copper, silver, pewter, and brass.

cluster ofmetals

These are the traditional metals of Sheffield’s industrial heritage, and were the choice of materials for groups like the Arts and Crafts Movement, which have been an inspiration to me. Over the years, I have created a range of designer jewellery, layering mixed metals, combined with decorative wire-work. Textures are imprinted using a fly press and hand-tools




Heat treatment, ‘patination,’ produces different tones and colours.

annieb slider 2
Backs of heat treated stud earrings ready for finishing and polishing.

Varied combinations of metals, textures, patterns and colours, semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls, ensure each piece of my work is unique.


IMG_20200208_092200485_2 (1)


I have also produced a range of prints which draw from my jewellery designs, making both perfectly complimentary gifts.

Close up of print of fritilleries, inspired by textures and colours of heat-treated metals.

Annie Barnett